Did you know that there is about one hundred million dollars in New Mexico unclaimed property?

Have you or a loved one forgot about assets when leaving the state? Did a relative ever die leaving you wondering who got all their money and property?


In the U.S. there is $50 billion unclaimed in cash and other assets. It comes from forgotten and lost accounts including security deposits, stocks and bonds, insurance claims, refunds, safety deposit boxes, bank accounts and the list goes on and on!

In New Mexico there are laws to protect your unclaimed property! The assets, after being dormant after usually three years are turned over to the State of New Mexico. The state has property that belongs to over half a million people that is sitting unclaimed. Some of the lost money even includes large inheritance money!

How much of it belongs to you? There are literally tens of billions in unrequested money across the country in every state. As each State Treasury Office takes in more and more and more it should make you wonder how much of it belongs to you?

When you begin your search campaign don’t make the mistake of just looking in New Mexico! You may have a claim on a relatives insurance policy in any state! Unclaimed property may have been turned over in a state where you or a relative once lived or where the company that held your funds resides! And, don’t just search in your own name…Search your relatives names as well.

There are free online preliminary searches available but with limited results. A good reputable online search database will charge a small fee to search in all 50 states.

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